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  • Full Service Soda Bar

    Only the best sodas and flavorings will do!! 

    Our soda bar is the ultimate one stop shop for your event planning needs. We proudly serve a wide range of popular sodas, over 15 add-in flavorings, and 9 other mix-in options to choose from.  Sure to be a hit for anything from a small gathering to a large corporate event or party.      

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  • Dessert Buffet

    Let your sweet tooth do the talking!! This ever-popular bar brings only the best, our most popular snack sized treats and sweets. A wide array of cheesecake bites, brownies, cream puffs, and truffle balls.....there is something for everyone. Line this one up with a soda bar and you’re sure to please everyone that walks in the door!

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  • Chips and Salsa Buffet

    One of our customer's favorite offerings, the chips and salsa bar is sure to please!  From multiple chip varieties to the best locally sourced salsas around, the chips and salsa bar is great for any size group or event. This buffet also includes our legendary Southwest Corn dip and a selection of dinner mints.

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  • Donut Buffet – Donut Mirror

    Our donut buffet and mirror display is configured to serve 24 donuts at the same time. Complemented by additional serving platters and trays, this trendy display shows off a full array of donut options for your guests.

    What's your favorite type of donut?  Let's be sure to include it!

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  • Ice Cream Sundae Bar

    Soft serve ice cream coupled with our finely crafted, hand-picked toppings, provides your guests with endless options and sundaes of every kind. Variety is the key and the ice cream buffet never disappoints!

    Whatever we do, let's be sure your favorite topping is part of the fun!!

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  • Hot Chocolate

    A magnificent selection of only the best hot chocolates will do! Our hand-picked selection provides your guests with a warm cup sure to please.  From the classic hot chocolate and whipped cream to flavored selections featuring toasted marshmallow, vanilla, coconut, or hazelnut, these unique cups of hot cocoa will make any event a hit.

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  • Popcorn Catering

    Need a great treat for any event? Look no further, our buttery smooth popcorn will keep your guests coming back for more!
    This offering provides individual servings of our tastiest popcorn variety to give your event a snack sized treat.

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  • Meat, Cheese, Veggie, Fruit Buffet

    One of our most popular offerings, the meat, cheese, and veggie bar is loved by all!  A wide range of meats, cheeses, crackers, veggies, and dips, this bar fits well for any sized group.  The wide variety ensures your guests find what they love most.  When paired with a soda bar, this becomes an excellent drinks and appetizers option for any event. 

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  • Breakfast Catering

    Treating your guests to our breakfast offerings will keep your event on track and stomachs full. Our catered breakfast will bring a wide array of breakfast favorites, served in a buffet style so that all can pick their favorite items and start the day off right.

    An ever-popular choice for corporate events, team building activities, meetings, office parties, wedding walkthroughs, and more.

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  • Catering for Small Groups

    We gladly serve groups of all sizes, so don’t worry if your event is for a smaller number of people. At Soda and Sweets Catering, we're happy to provide quotes for all products and services for smaller groups.

    We strive to make all product offerings available to groups of less than 75 guests.

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  • Endless Options - Just Ask

    Our customers enjoy endless possibilities configuring your next event.  Select one bar, two bars, or more, the choice is yours! Never hesitate to reach out to discuss customizations and expanded offerings.

    Custom quotes are always available.  Shoot us an email, DM, or contact us below. 

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